A network is a connected community of professionals with related business interests. Traditionally the networking is limited to the people we already know and fails to be part of various breadth and depth required for professional growth. VTTouch provides the platform to connect with members and interact during our Peer-2-Peer networking event. Some good outcomes of networking are: carrier advice, information, company relationship, personal brand, vacancies, referrals, etc

P2P Connect

VT Touch runs a monthly meeting, where all the members are invited and each member is assigned to a virtual room where they connect with many members in one-to-one sessions. A very powerful tool to network and where people start to know you and vice versa.

Members Connect

VTTouch platform provides members to send messages, connect and view the large database of professionals. There is a live section called “Live from Community“ where people come with updates, requirements, queries, and all the members try to help each other. It provides an excellent platform for opportunities.

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