Growth for anyone is the driving force and also the inspiration to do something. “Growth” means an increase in size. In today's multi-dimensional world, the growth is an increase in knowledge, skills, network, personal branding, and so on. Growth is also important to be reflected in the digital world of social media especially LinkedIn and other channels.

Job Search

VT Touch provides an excellent platform for members to search and apply for jobs within the industry. We do not charge the companies any commission for job posting, hence we get exclusive job postings not available in the marketplace. With so many exclusive and generic job postings, it is a real benefit for the members which is also specific to the IT sector.


VT Touch platinum members have exclusive access to this section, where there is a team of people who are assigned to update your CV and LinkedIn profile. In today’s world LinkedIn is a very powerful tool if used correctly. Unfortunately, most people do not have the right profile. Our team also helps members on how to use the LinkedIn features more effectively and efficiently.


VT Touch platinum members have exclusive access to coaching, where the members are assigned with a coach and are given 12 one-hour sessions. During this session, the coach helps the members with various concerns and challenges (e.g. moving to a senior role, time management, communication issues, etc) that the member is facing.

There is also coaching available for teams within the company/corporate, where coaches help teams on how to approach and solve team challenges, for example – conflict within a team or complex project, dysfunctional leader, new team formation, etc.
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